Coaching for Opportunity Awareness (Free Webinar)

Friday 6th July 2018 - 10:00

In a fast changing and unpredictable labour market, being able to spot or create and then act upon opportunities has never been more vital. With the rise of short-term projects, the gig economy, and what Douglas Hall calls the protean career, for career counselling and coaching to be maximally effective we need to embrace new approaches that emphasise change, chance and uncertainty, and assist clients to develop their capacity for opportunity awareness (also called Luck Readiness).

This webinar will be presented by Professor Jim Bright and will be based is based on his academic research and his practice with a range of clients from school leavers, to senior executives and international sportspeople.  It will present a framework for coaching clients derived from the Chaos Theory of Careers (Pryor and Bright, 2011), and will introduce the 8 factors of opportunity awareness and practical exercises to assist clients develop their skills in this important area.

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