Career Coaching - Exploring Models and Improving Your Practice

Thursday 21 June 2018 - Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

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Coaching when adopted by Careers Practitioners can be transformational in providing Careers Information, Advice and Guidance as it fosters independence, accountability and subsequently informed decision making.Career coaching will provide an opportunity to explore the topical ‘Growth Mindset’ (Carol Dweck) and identify how it dovetails with coaching and can actively develop resilience and facilitate self-improvement.

We will explore how Career Coaching goes beyond advice and guidance by using the language of possibility through powerful, higher level, questioning and by moving through cosmetic and conversational listening to achieve deep and active listening.This practical course will identify Coaching models which have been proven to bring about dynamic and sustainable change for clients, for example the Boyatsis Model of Intentional Change effectively facilitates Career Coaching as it is a client led model.

We will identify how Career Conversations when underpinned by a coaching methodology go further than advice and guidance as it facilitates commitment, motivation and accountability.We will have the opportunity to practice career coaching skills and techniques and identify how we can enhance our existing practice.  Finally using the GROW (John Whitmore) coaching model we can implement our new learning through identifying our next steps.

Target audience

Anyone working in the sector looking to develop skills in coaching, whether working as a private practitioner, for the National Careers Service or another careers company or charity, or working with young people and simply looking to improve their practice and introduce coaching techniques to enhance their work and positive outcomes for their clients.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the key differences between Mentoring and Coaching and their respective outcomes in CIAG
  • Gain an understanding of how the development of a ‘Growth Mindset’ (C Dweck) can support effective Career decision making
  • Understand how coaching skills and techniques can significantly improve practice in CIAG
  • Identify 2 coaching models and how they could be used effectively with clients to ensure positive outcomes
  • Implement new practical approaches to our Careers delivery through Career Coaching and Career Conversations which promote ownership,responsibility and accountability.

Trainer biography

Jayne North is Managing Director of Career North Ltd and a member of the Career Development Institute, she has worked creatively in CEIAG for 24 years. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an expert coach. Jayne is passionate about CEIAG and teaching and learning and is a Lead Practitioner for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust currently working with Dylan Wiliam on Embedding Formative Assessment.

Delegate feedback

"Highly engaging practitioner who openly shared her knowledge and expertise"

"Raised my understanding of my role and the tools available"

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