CDI / NICEC: At the Cutting Edge-Research into Practice

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The Cutting Edge Series

NICEC Fellows work with the CDI to offer research-focused events for our members twice a year.  The purpose of Cutting-Edge events is to start a conversation between those working in the field of labour market intelligence (LMI) and those using this data and insights to inform their work with clients (practitioners).

Career practitioners often hold diverse views on the role of LMI and aren’t always sure how to interpret LMI information in a meaningful way. As workplaces and labour markets are impacted by economic disruption and government policies it can seem a real challenge to kept abreast of what is happening, and what might be relevant for future career opportunities.

These seminars see colleagues from the world of LMI discussing the purposes, hopes and limitations of their work to start a dialogue with Careers practitioners who utilise that LMI data in their work. 



Practitioners who are interested in research or are involved in research, and those working within the LMI field.



Free to CDI and NICEC members.