Annual Conference 2017 - Workshops

Below is the full list of 32 workshops confirmed for this year's Annual Conference, organised by theme.

The workshops will be grouped into four sessions; two on Day 1 and two on Day 2. Each programmed workshop session will include a broadly even mix from each of the three key themes. The final workshop programme will be published by the end of October.


The Future of Work

Ryan Gibson

Preparing young people for uncertain futures: showing how the Gatsby Benchmarks can transform lives and careers guidance programmes in schools

Dave Cordle

Resilience for you and your clients

Claire Grimwood

Using the evidence from the “Inspiration Programme “ to identify new opportunities for Careers Professionals

Janet Colledge

Using National Careers Week As A Tool To Prepare Young People For The Future Of Work

Graham McCabe

From Policy to Pictures - Delivering an LMI Service - What does the future hold?

Sarah Frend & Kate Coles

Employability and work readiness: preparing students for work and helping them through the employers selection processes

Pru Blackwell, Derek Osborn, and Carrie Normoyle

Our future workforce: meeting the challenge

Michelle Stewart

Higher Apprenticeship: Career Professional Development

Rebecca Johnson

Gatsby Benchmarks in practice: laying the foundations for the future

Cathy Brown

Build Your Career Capital to Remain Relevant  to an Evolving World of Work


Career Guidance/Coaching Paradigm

Carolyn Parry

Finding their why: helping clients unlock career success, happiness and fulfilment in changing times through values work

Nicki Moore

Evaluating careers programmes in schools and colleges: Meaningful outcomes which attract investment for long term impact

Susan Meldrum

Career coaching in a group

Greg Hiddleston & Peter Chambers

Approaches to supporting staff to embed a coaching approach when delivering CIAG services

Ciara Bomford

Creative Career Coaching Using a Whole Brain Approach

Rachel Mallows

Career Coaching for the long term unemployed

Gulnaz Zahid

Career guidance practice and skills to facilitate students with special needs

Melanie Bear

21st Century Futures – Coaching for mid-life career change

Emily Reid

Length Matters (!): Exploratory research into the impact that a tendency towards shorter guidance appointments has on practice

John Toscano

Inspire To Achieve – NEET Prevention through CIAG during Key Stage 3


Digital Skills

Mark Woodward

Joining the Twitterati and other Social Squads

Ruth Winden

Stand Out! How to Attract and Impress Your Ideal Clients Online

Liz Wynn Owen

Surviving as a careers professional: a non-digital native in the digital jungle.

John Ambrose

Digitising Career Management

Chris Brown

A Digital Future for Careers Wales

Nicki Moore

Developing our digital literacy – exploring digital technology to re-think the way we work.

Lauren Hendrie

ICT and LMI in Lifelong Guidance

Michael Larbalestier

Creating Virtual Reality Workplace Tours


Additional Workshops

David Andrews

Careers leadership in schools

Sue Thacker

Quality in Careers Standard: ensuring quality, providing a framework, and supporting and embedding careers guidance work in schools and colleges.

Hannah Courtney Bennett

The escalating  importance of developing Career Resilience in the lives of  21st Century workers

Hannah Lydford

School and college leave insights 2017





Last Updated 29/09/2017