LMI in Career Guidance Practice: Use, Misuse or Lack of Use?

One of the biggest challenges for career practitioners remains how to integrate LMI into career guidance interviews and other career guidance activities. This new training day, led by and Dr Sally-Anne Barnes, Warwick University, will focus on ways of enhancing the effectiveness of LMI as an integral part of overall career interventions. The morning programme will cover the major challenges related to using LMI, with an emphasis on the practical integration and application of LMI in practice, through reflection and exercises. The afternoon will include demonstrations of LMI software and websites, which draw on LMI for All data, from four major providers: U-Explore; Career Companion; icould and CASCAID.


Using FE Data in Career Decision Making (Free Webinar)

The DfE provide a number of tools and data sets related to FE quality that can help inform decisions by learners on what programme of study they may should follow, and which provider they may choose. This webinar aims to support Careers Advisers identify and use some of these tools and data sets and explain how they can be used. The discussion will focus upon the DfE's Outcome Based Success Measures (the destinations and earnings of adult learners and apprenticeships) but it will also include an outline of FE Choices, Qualification Achievement Tables and the Compare School and Colleges Website. Presented by Richard Watson of the DfE's Careers and Further Education Group, will be of interest to all career advisers and career leaders working in the FE sector in England.


Digital World LMI and Careers Information CPD Module - Scotland (Free Webinar)

Scotland’s technology sector is growing rapidly impacting all businesses and organisations across Scotland’s economy. As this digital revolution continues it is creating unprecedented demand for tech jobs and skills from employers and bringing with it a wealth of career opportunities for young people and adults.


What Lies Ahead for School Leavers ? (Free Webinar)

This webinar (the first in a series of 12 which focus on post-school options) will look at the choices and decisions facing young people as they start their last year in school. The webinar will give an overview of post-18 options (higher education, vocational training, employment, gap year) and advice about research and applications.


Tour around the website – Welcome to the CDI (Free Webinar)

The CDI website is a dynamic and growing source of information for members and non-members. It is host to critical information about accredited and non-accredited training opportunities; the careersincareers job board; news and resources; the Professional Register; a CPD recording area and growing CPD resources bank, accessible to members’ only. Built with a secure payment system and members’ landing page, you are in complete control of your own membership data and online payments for membership and events. This webinar will be of particular interest to new members and those who would like to know more about all aspects of the website, including how to keep your own details up to date.