CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership - Birmingham

As the professional body for the career development sector the CDI is delighted to offer the CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership which provides essential training for people who are either new to the career leadership role or who have many years of experience and would like to have accreditation for their work.


The Quality in Careers Standard – The Benefits For Your School, Careers Department and Students (Free Webinar)

A growing number of institutions already either hold, or are working towards, the single national careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) quality award – the Quality in Careers Standard. The Standard is relevant to all parts of the UK, but there has been a spike in interest, particularly in England since the publication of government recommendations that all schools should work towards the Quality in Careers Standard (DfE Statutory Guidance; updated April 2017). The aim of this webinar is to raise awareness of this unique national quality standard and address the main questions (and concerns) for career professionals about quality award processes – everything from how long it takes to achieve the national award and the choice of awarding body, to costs and what “quality” looks like.


There Has Never Been a More Important Time to Join the UK Register of Career Development Professionals (Free Webinar)

There has never been a more important time to join the UK Register of Career Development Professionals. The Register is is referenced in the new careers strategy and statutory guidance. Join this webinar to learn about about the benefits of being on the Register, how the CDI supports your professional development and what you need to do to maintain your registered professional status. This webinar will be of value to members throughout the UK wherever you work.


Digital Career Management (Free Webinar - Scotland)

Advanced technologies of the 21st century are significantly impacting the way the employment market is accessed. This requires young people (and adults) to develop and utilise digital skills and competencies using social media to learn about/apply for training and job opportunities and to manage their career. To facilitate this career professionals need to fully understand the nature of social media and wider digital career literacy within careers guidance and to develop their own knowledge of how to enhance a personal brand.


Student Finance, Scholarships and Bursaries (Free Webinar)

Student finance is a contentious and complex issue for students, parents and their advisers. This webinar will provide an update on student finance, entitlement and application procedures as well as an overview of how to find out about and apply for scholarships and bursaries.