Careers in Football (Free Webinar)

Careers in Football (Free Webinar)

Friday 29th September, 2017 13:00 - 14:00


This new webinar will include information and support for advisers working with young people who have an interest in football. The main aim is to provide current and realistic information on the sector; the commitment required; training, including apprenticeships and job opportunities, to increase awareness of the options within the football industry and pathways available. The session will also include tips and advice to support young people to make informed decisions. It will also help advisers and teachers engage and communicate with young people who only want to become professional footballers to the exclusion of other career opportunities.

Toby French is the Founder of which provides information, advice and guidance for people who want to work in the football industry. Toby has experience of working in football and is a qualified teacher. He is also a member of the CDI.

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