21st Century Careers – The Jobs of Tomorrow (Free Webinar)

21st Century Careers – The Jobs of Tomorrow

Monday 26th June 2017, 15:00 – 16:00

Speaker - Sharon Walpole


There are many careers that exist today which didn't exist five years ago, and we know that lots of new jobs and careers will keep appearing going forward. How do you find out about them and how do you help prepare your clients for a career of the future?

CASCAID’s Kudos includes profiles of over 800 careers, and the job bank keeps growing, scrupulously researched and regularly updated by our researchers. Working with industry keeps us abreast of how careers are changing and what employers will need from their workforce in the future. In this webinar Sharon Walpole will cover the jobs of tomorrow and also touch on the issues facing UK industry, such as an aging work force and the impact of technology, on careers of the future.

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