21st Century Careers – The Jobs of Tomorrow (Free Webinar)

There are many careers that exist today which didn't exist five years ago, and we know that lots of new jobs and careers will keep appearing going forward. How do you find out about them and how do you help prepare your clients for a career of the future? CASCAID’s Kudos includes profiles of over 800 careers, and the job bank keeps growing, scrupulously researched and regularly updated by our researchers. Working with industry keeps us abreast of how careers are changing and what employers will need from their workforce in the future. In this webinar Sharon Walpole will cover the jobs of tomorrow and also touch on the issues facing UK industry, such as an aging work force and the impact of technology, on careers of the future.


How to Start a Careers Advice Business of One

Whether you are sorting out your life following redundancy or just ready to explore new ways of working, this practical one-day workshop will get you energised and provide you with powerful resources to support you in career planning. The day will be split into two halves: the morning is designed to help you better appreciate your talents, abilities and inner motivation. The afternoon will focus on some very practical ideas for action about your future direction.


Motivating Clients – Inspirational and Creative Techniques

The possession of a positive mindset is critical for effective career management and yet many clients struggle with confidence, fear and ambivalence. In this one day master class we will explore the theory of motivation and experiment with a range of motivational techniques for use with clients of all ages and life situations. Created and led by Liane Hambly, the day will be practical and draw on solution focused, cognitive behavioural coaching, a bit of NLP and motivational interviewing, with a theme of what will inspire/ motivate clients. The programme is designed for both qualified, experienced practitioners and those undertaking the QCF level 6 unit in career theory.


Career Coaching - Exploring Models and Improving Your Practice

Adopting a career coaching style and using the skills of the career coach can be transformational in your guidance practice. They offer a new way of working, that fosters independence, accountability and subsequently informed decision making. This one day course presented by Jane North will explore new skills and techniques including higher, level questioning and deep and active listening. With opportunity to practice, you will also be introduced to different coaching models. This programme is skills focused and practical, designed to help you to enhance your guidance practice.


An Introduction to Careers Leadership in Schools

For once there is huge consensus in the sector - careers education and guidance is changing and the new curriculum acknowledges the need for a new role, that of the career leader. In England responsibility for careers guidance for young people has been transferred to individual schools. At the same time, there has been a growth in the number of organisations offering support to schools. For all the components to be brought together into a coherent programme of CEIAG there needs to be clear leadership from within the school. Consultant and writer David Andrews, will explain the breadth of the role; quality assuring a careers strategy for the school; managing the delivery of careers education and IAG; networking with external partners and coordinating the contributions of careers teachers and wider school team. Feedback from a recent course: "This went beyond my expectations - very informative and well presented."