Using Psychometrics to Increase your Impact (Introductory level for Career Practitioners) (Free webinar)

Psychometrics are measures of psychological attributes, such as personality, interests, values and abilities. They are common place in the field of selection but less prevalent in career development and guidance. This session presented by Career Development Psychologist, Hannah Courtney Bennett, will explain the benefits of using psychometrics; identify possible pitfalls and help you choose which tools to use. (This webinar is aimed at those who have little or no experience of using psychometrics.)


Navigating UCAS - Introduction to the UCAS 2017 Application Process (Free Webinar)

UCAS processes applications for courses at higher education providers in the UK. This webinar will cover the student journey from school or college into under-graduate higher education by explaining time-lines and decision-making points. As well as highlighting the information UCAS provides for students, their parents and advisers, this webinar will provide practical tips and advice on how to support students as they navigate UCAS.


Introduction to Using Webinar Technology (Free webinar)

Designed with beginners in mind to help you gain confidence in using webinar technology and take advantage of.


Insight into Labour Market Information

LMI has never been more important for careers professionals. The labour market is in a constant state of change and this has implications for career choices and pathways both for young people entering the labour market and for adults seeking to change direction. It is essential that all those working in the career development sector keep up-to-date with what is happening in the labour market in order to deliver informed and realistic careers education and guidance. (Updated programme includes new sessions.)


Using the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Framework (Free webinar)

This interactive webinar session will look at the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Framework one year on. Career education consultant Kath Wright will explore its relevance to curriculum planning, supporting initiatives such as Gatsby, QiCs, Ofsted and the Certificate in Career Leadership. Kath will also cover how schools and colleges are using the framework and the supporting audit documents. There will be time to discuss what other career education and employability resources career practitioners would find useful and might be developed by the CDI.