The Third Act (Free Webinar – Wales)

This webinar will be presented by Dr Edward Kelly, founder of The Third Act which he set up to both educate people about the implications of human longevity as well as to facilitate people in transition from their second to their Third Act. Over the years Edward has led multiple workshops at companies including Intel, Accenture, Google and regularly presented on the MBA and Innovation programmes at University College Dublin (UCD). He also published articles on adult development in the ILR and JITP. He holds a PhD, MBA, BA, CIM & ITC and is a founding member of The Action Inquiry Fellowship.


Introduction to Using Webinar Technology (Free webinar)

Designed with beginners in mind to help you gain confidence in using webinar technology; participate in a live webinar and take advantage of the CDI’s free webinar CPD sessions.


Researching Higher Education Options and New Degree Courses (Free Webinar)

Providing guidance to young people in the changing world of higher education is harder than ever. Staying up to date and understanding the complexities and nuances of the system is ever more challenging, yet can be vital to the successful outcomes of your students.


Tour around the website – Welcome to the CDI (Free Webinar)

The CDI website is a dynamic and growing source of information for members and non-members. It is host to critical information about accredited and non-accredited training opportunities; the careersincareers job board; news and resources; the Professional Register; a CPD recording area and growing CPD resources bank, accessible to members’ only. Built with a secure payment system and members’ landing page, you are in complete control of your own membership data and online payments for membership and events. This webinar will be of particular interest to new members and those who would like to know more about all aspects of the website, including how to keep your own details up to date.


CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership - Birmingham

As the professional body for the career development sector the CDI is delighted to offer the CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership which provides essential training for people who are either new to the career leadership role or who have many years of experience and would like to have accreditation for their work.