What If You Don’t Have the Answers? (Free Webinar)

What do you do when your client asks you a question and you don’t know the answer? What if they want you to tell them about an industry you’re not familiar with? Or how about the client who has lots of challenges and cannot find a job? How can you be an effective Career Coach when you’re constantly in a “fight or flight” mode? This session, led by Ellen Bartkowiak, from Wisconstin, US, will discuss tips and tools based on the International Coach Federations Core Principals, which will help you maintain a positive mindset. The same tips and tricks can also be used by clients preparing for interviews or any nerve-wracking work situation.


Career Education and Guidance That Works – What Does The Evidence-Base Tell Us?

The CDI and charity Education and Employers are delighted to be working together to bring you a unique one day event. Keynote speakers Dr Elnaz Kashefpakdel; Dr Frans Meijers from the Netherlands and Dr Deirdre Hughes, all experts in their fields, will be drawing on recent research to explore what the evidence-base tells us and what this means for both managers and practitioners. With governments and policy makers constantly highlighting the need for evidence on what works best, this is a MUST ATTEND event for anyone seeking to promote the benefits of CEG in schools/colleges or working to persuade organisations to purchase services. There will be a breakout session in the afternoon, to help you to focus on professionalising your own delivery in these changing times.


Introduction to Using Webinar Technology (Free webinar)

Designed with beginners in mind to help you gain confidence in using webinar technology; participate in a live webinar and take advantage of the CDI’s free webinar CPD sessions.


Advanced Career Guidance and Coaching Skills

This master class is designed for experienced practitioners who wish to focus on aspects of practice that cannot be delivered by on-line resources and which require a high level of artistry. The day will be highly practical, exploring a range of tactics and sharing good practice. The approaches used will be suitable for use with a wide range of clients. Quotes from recent delegates: "I found the day so useful – it reminded me why I love the job" (University IAG Outreach Adviser); "A very interesting and inspiring training day - am feeling re-energised! " (Career Coach); "I found the day very informative, interesting, refreshing and it has given me some much needed new ideas on how to work with the pupils at my school" (School Careers Adviser).


Applied Story Building for Careers (Free Webinar)

In working with people who are preparing for career changes, planning to interview, or looking to improve their jobtalk fluency, we felt there was a need for a natural emotional springboard to creating and telling stories.