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The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit - published by Careers & Enterprise Company (February 2018)

Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit - updated March 2018; published by the Careers & Enterprise Company

Thinking digitally in a digital world: A digital strategy for the career development sector  - published by the Career Development Institute (January 2018)

Implementing the careers strategy in practice: ensuring that everyone makes the most of their skills and talents - Joint statement issued by the Career Management Quality Alliance (January 2018)

Careers guidance and access for education and training providers. Statutory guidance for governing bodies school leaders and school staff - (January 2018) 

Careers strategy: making the most of everyone's skills and talents - (December 2017)

"CDI Briefing for Employers; UK Register of Career Development Professionals" - Published by the CDI (September 2017)

"A careers strategy that works for everyone" - Position statement of the Career Management Quality Alliance (August 2017)

Career guidance services in England are in need of improvement, so why no proposals in the party manifestos? - Joint statement issued by the CDI and Careers England (May 2017)

Lifelong career development for all: careers services that work for everyone - CDI Manifesto for the General Election (May 2017)

How well do schools prepare children for their future? All-Party Parliamentary Group for Education (May 2017)

Certificate in Careers Leadership - CDI Academy (May 2017)

Definitions Career development and related roles - CDI (April 2017)

Response to 'Building our Industrial Strategy' Green Paper (January 2017) - CDI response submitted April 2017

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment, Series 2 – Education into Employment - CDI written evidence (February 2017)

Building our Industrial Strategy (January 2017) - Government green paper

Careers Leaders in Schools - A CDI Briefing (January 2017)

Careers Professionals in the 21st Century - A Blueprint of Learning Outcomes for Professional Roles in the UK Career Development Sector and an Introduction to the Qualification in Career Development - CDI (December 2016)

Making a Difference - Careers and the World of Work: A Guide for Governors in Wales; (Welsh version) Careers Wales (November 2016)

Reforms to technical education: the vital role of career education and guidance (September 2016) CDI response to both the Report of the Independent Panel on Technical Education and the BIS and DfE Post-16 Skills Plan

CDI response to the Recommendations of the Business, Innovation and Skills and Education Committees Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy - Joint Report on Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (September 2016)

Moments of Choice: a turning point in the work of the Careers & Enterprise Company? - CDI response to Moments of Choice research and discussion (September 2016)

Improving Careers Support for Everyone in England (August 2016) - Joint statement issued by the CDI, Careers England, Assessment Services Ltd (matrix) and the Quality in Careers Consortium 

Sam Young, a careers adviser in New Zealand, has reviewed all the journals relevant to the career development field. Drawing on an original list by David Winter (University of London, NICEC and ‘Careers - in Theory’ blog), Sam checked the career development focus and academic metrics of each journal to produce a summary list. Please see CDI’s Resources for CPD, located in the Members’ Area of the CDI website, as are details of ‘Careers - in Theory’ and other useful blogs.

Post-16 Skills Plan (July 2016) DBIS and DfE Post-16 Skills Plan Commentary

Careers education, information, advice and guidance (July 2016) Report of the Business, Innovation and Skills and Education Committees Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy 

New strategy to transform the quality of careers education, advice and guidance for younr people (June 2016) written by David Andrews, published by iCeGs

How working with volunteers from the world of work can boost your careers information and advice provision in line with Ofsteds Common Inspection Fr (May 2016) Education and Employers in Association with the CDI

Professionalism in Careers: Careers England and CDI Briefing Paper (Mar 2016)

Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education (Nov 2015) updated and published by the CDI

The Economic Benefits of Career Guidance (July 2015) researched and written by Professor Tristram Hooley and Vanessa Dodd, of iCeGs for Careers England

Survey of Career Education and Guidance in Schools and Links with Employers (May 2015) researched and written by the CDI with Careers England for the new Careers and Enterprise Company

In October 2007 the Department for Education and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland launched the draft document Preparing for Success (Adobe Acrobat Document, 503459 bytes) for consultation. The aim was to make policy proposals for the future development of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance in NI and to set out a strategy that will address the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance needs of individuals of all ages. This strategy has now been developed (May 2015): Joint Careers Strategy Action Plan 2015-2016’ (Adobe Acrobat Document, 142564 bytes)

Revised Statutory Guidance (England) - Careers guidance and inspiration in schools (March 2015)

Letter sent to Nicky Morgan MP Secretary of State for Education following George Osborne's announcement in the Autumn Statement that £20million had been identified to improve careers services for young people (CDI - December 2014)

Why Does Employer Engagement Matter? A toolkit for managing employer activities in schools and colleges, written by Kath Wright (CDI - September 2014)

National Careers Council - Taking Action: Achieving a culture change in careers provision

Commissioned by the CDI and researched and written by the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) - Understanding a 'career in careers': Learning from an analysis of current job and person specifications (2014)

Guide to Best Practice and Commissioning Careers Guidance Services, written by David Andrews - Careers Guidance in Schools and Colleges: A Guide to Best Practice and Commissioning Career Guidance Services (CDI - July 2014)

Careers Guidance: Making all the difference - A guide for governors (May 2014)

David Andrews (Second Supplementary Paper) - The future of careers work in schools in England 2nd supplementary paper December 2013 (for publication)

Government Paper (September 2013) - Inspiration Vision Statement

Ofsted Report (September 2013) - Going in the right direction (Ofsted Report)

David Andrews (First Supplementary Paper) - The future of careers work in schools in England 1st supplementary paper July 2013

National Careers Council Report (June 2013) - An Aspiration Nation - Creating a culture change in careers provision

ACEG Framework - ACEG Framework CWREACEG learning outcomes

David Andrews (March 2013) - The future of careers work in schools in England March 2013