Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is high on our agenda.


As an awarding body we quality assure the next generation of career practitioners through the QCG and QCGD training routes.

UK Career Development Awards

In 2013 we launched the first UK Career Development Awards. Three years later the UKCDA has become firmly established in our annual calendar and offers a great opportunity to celebrate excellence and highlight the innovation and best practice of both individuals and organisations.

This year we are promoting ten awards across three major categories:

  • Four individual best practice awards
  • Four best practice in CPD, employer and HE engagement awards
  • Two research and technology awards

The launch date for the 2016/17 Awards is Monday 12 September. The closing date for entries is Friday 30 December 2016. The UK Career development Awards will be presented at a special Awards Dinner on Wednesday 8 March, at the Hilton Hotel, Leeds.

Career Assured

In 2014 we launched Career Assured, a new quality assurance framework designed to assess the degree to which CEIAG products meet the requirements of users and career development professionals. The achievement of the Award will demonstrate that the product meets a minimum standard of quality against clear and transparent criteria.

The Career Assured framework has been designed to provide an ongoing support and review process for organisations embarking on and continuing the journey of developing and publishing CEIAG resources. We also intend that it should become a recognised symbol for users; an endorsement of product quality and integrity.

Quality standards for CEIAG in schools and colleges

There are three components to assuring the quality of CEIAG for young people in schools and colleges:

  1. Quality standards for the school’s or college’s programme of CEIAG
  2. A UK-wide quality standard for the providers of career guidance services
  3. Professional qualifications for career advisers providing career guidance

The statutory basis for this arrangement is different in each of the four nations and, partly as a consequence of careers policy being the responsibility of the devolved administrations, the arrangements for assuring the quality of the provision for young people also differ.

The page on Quality standards for CEIAG in schools and colleges provides a brief summary of the arrangements in the four UK nations, with links to other websites and pages that give more detailed information.