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Concern over schools being slow to let external providers talk to pupils

The impact of a new law which forces schools to allow training organisations the chance to speak to pupils about technical qualifications and apprenticeships will be reviewed by the DfE. The government has commissioned the Association of Employm...


Inspiring your CPD - June 2018

Thinking internationally The CDI has launched a new International Digital Membership. As we welcome new international members, it is timely to review what practitioners can gain from international resources. Activities here are simply ideas an...


Inspiring Your Continuous Professional Development - May 2018

Career theory –  keeping up-to-date The pressures of every day work can make it seem that there’s no time for sitting back and thinking deeply. But, of course, we all know that it is important to do so. This month we are drawin...


Inspiring Your CPD - April 2018

Thinking digitally Early in 2018  the CDI published its digital strategy. This covers the vision for digital working and the capabilities which all of those operating in the career development sector require to function in an increasi...


Inspiring Your CPD - March 2018

Ethical Practice This month the newsletter addresses a topic of significant importance to all CDI members and the Institute itself. Normally the CPD Newsletter starts with an encouraging and permissive statement offering ideas without comp...