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Inspiring your CPD - October 2017

Research: using it and doing it This month the newsletter considers research, and the ways in which research enhances professional practice. The first suggestions are around the theme of accessing and making wise use of research undertaken by o...


Inspiring Your CPD - September 2017

Working with groups This month’s newsletter brings us back for a new academic year. For many people September is a time for introducing themselves to new groups. For others, working with groups is a year-round way to encourage peer suppor...


New survey shows for the first time a link between engagement with the world of work and attainment in primary schools

A new survey published this month by the charity Education and Employers (PDF) found that 90% of primary school teachers thought that engaging children with employers/employees and the world of work has an impact on their academic...


Bill Law’s extensive library gifted to the CDI Archive

We are delighted that a significant number of texts and back copies of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling have been gifted to the CDI by Bill’s family. We will be creating an inventory in September and intend to offer a lendin...


Inspiring Your CPD - July 2017

Work-life balance This month’s newsletter eases into the holiday season, encouraging you to think about well-being for clients and for yourself. This newsletter too will take a break in August and return with new ideas in September. ...