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CDI and CE Launch Joint Statement

Career guidance services in England are in need of improvement, so why no proposals in the party manifestos? Last week the CDI and Careers England published a joint statement highlighting that while there is wide political consensus  t...


Monthly CPD Newsletter - May 2017

Remote delivery: working with clients at a distance This month’s newsletter explores working with clients by email, telephone and other distance and digital methods. Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choo...


Manifesto for the General Election 2017

Just ahead of the Conservative Party, the Career Development Institute (CDI) launched its own manifesto comprising eight major proposals which, when implemented, will promote a step change in careers advice and guidance for young people and adul...


Regional News in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Scotland Ministers confirm their intention to retain SDS, Scottish Enterprise and HIE boards and Funding Council A new s trategic board will established to align the work of these agencies. This board will encourage greater collaboration a...


Monthly CPD Newsletter - April 2017

The year of advocating for career development This month’s newsletter supports the CDI’s theme of advocating for the multiple benefits of career development for society and for our clients from school to later years. Activities...