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Inspiring Your CPD - July 2017

Work-life balance This month’s newsletter eases into the holiday season, encouraging you to think about well-being for clients and for yourself. This newsletter too will take a break in August and return with new ideas in September. ...


Labour market statistics

The labour market figures published on 14 June point to a strong and stable labour market, and jobs for the many and not the few with the employment rate at a historic high and the unemployment rate at a 40-year low. The downside is a continuati...


Inspiring your CPD – new monthly email

We hope that you have seen the latest in our new series of monthly emails to provide you with ideas on how you can keep your professional skills and knowledge up to date through your own CPD. Each month, the CDI will suggest CPD activities which...


Inspiring Your CPD - February 2017

100 year life This month’s newsletter explores demographics, and the profound impact that much longer lives have on career development, from school to later years. Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choose to...


Monthly CPD Newsletter - March 2017

LMI – bringing it to life This month’s newsletter explores labour market information, and ways to make it useful, relevant and local for your clients. Activities here are simply ideas and are not compulsory. You can choose to do som...